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Reading between the lines

Reading Between the Lines

I can read you like a book
One that’s made from glass
Your transparency’s so clear to me
That it makes me laugh
You pretend that you are humble
As you walk to Saville row
But on the lies you stumble
Which so very clearly shows
A secret agent, who can’t be quiet
Then you are discovered
Your face, it gives the game away
The blurb is the front cover
There are not many books I’ve read
But with you, I do not care
Your pages are all damaged
And your brain’s beyond repair
So I judge you by the first part
At the start, with such large font
Then I move onto the next one
A book or person, that I want

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Nice to read you.
I like the title here. It drew me in. I thought it had to do with reading someone's intentions.
Is it about a corrupted person that you have some issues with?
Sorry if I'm wrong. Plz. Put me on the right track.


Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words
........Robert Frost☺

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No one in particular. Just life experience. Mainly sales people who gain themselves from others. I resent that. It's really about not being gullible, and you have to not be trusting to others, to help yourself. A bit like the salesman who wants to help himself. But to help yourself when it doesn't harm others, is a good / sensible thing to do. I'm gonna read some of yours. Nice to hear from you

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The turkey one is amusing but just wish it was longer

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