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January 2022 Poetry Contest!

Description: Write a poem about the loss of a loved one or friend or a lost love.

Objectives: poems must contain two to four stanzas, rhyming or free verse

Prize: The winner receives a three-month premium membership and a 25 dollar gift certificate to If the winner already has an existing premium account with Neopoet then they will receive a 35 dollar Amazon gift card. There are also Neopoet products that can be substituted for the cash such as a Neopoet t-shirt, Neopoet mug and Neopoet Tote Bag. Winner of this contest will be eligible to compete for the Neopoet Yearly Contest.


This is a life sentence destined to be alone,
Her leaving me cut me to the bone.

The lack of love shines in her eyes,
It paused me took me by surprise.

There is nothing there that I can recognize,
As I stand before her paralyzed.

A cold and evil Medusa look,
I was played by the oldest trick in the book.

She treats me as if I am a stranger,
Loving her has been a game changer.

She tossed our love into the fire,
She was so smooth at being a liar.

Not even human compassion showed in her eyes,
I need to hear the truth all she spoke were lies.

It's funny her love I have an aching for,
It's powerful leaves me wanting more.

I never thought she would let me down,
She was gone so fast never made a sound.

I remember when she started acting strange,
Right about the time her feelings changed.

I still sit and wait for her to come home,
She is with someone new I am all alone.

All I know for sure is what I see,
She no longer is IN LOVE WITH ME….

TURBO1904 NOV 2021


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