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Neopoet Yearly Contest Winner Of 2021

Please join the Neopoet Administration in congratulating Geezer for winning the Neopoet Yearly contest. To read his poem and comment on his masterpiece please visit:

I'd like to live down-under
In Aussieland by the sea
With wallabies and waves of thunder
And Eucalyptus trees

The Outback filled with the songs
Of Kookaburra birds
And frog-filled billabongs
Grasslands and kangaroo herds

I'd listen through the night
To Aboriginal didgeridoos
Watch the sun come up bright
Look for spiders in my shoes

Ahhhh, the call of the wild
The Outback calling me
Me, a nature-child
A regular Croc Dundee


I always liked this one for it's light-hearted appeal, bounce and rhythm. They really go well together.

Thomas like my lost dreams...the flood

A very good poem and well deserving the award

and it must feel great to be chosen by your peers - The Neopoet of the year.
Well deserved!
Congratulations friend,

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